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Kenny Cash of the Factory Underground Studio is a versatile and artistic producer-musician. With a passion for all musical genres there is little ground left unbroken by Kenny Cash.  Very few producers can boast of Cash’s multi talented reputation: 


While Cash’s main passion is producing and developing local talent to achieve Global Success, (Goose, Similar Kind), his world renowned  recording studio, Factory Underground, has become a home for many acclaimed artists and actors (Bian Mcknight, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Wes Brown, etc.).  Here Cash has produced for Rock Icons Sid Wilson, Martin Barre, recorded Rap legend Rakim and was even given the opportunity to tour playing bass for Jose Feliciano.


It should come as no surprise that Kenny Cash was granted a scholarship to the world-famed Berklee College of Music, where he focused on electric bass, but later developed skills for  acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards and  drums.

In 2009, Cash opened the Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, CT, alongside business partner Ethan Isaac. “The Factory,” a state of the art recording facility, is where Kenny Cash was finally able to center his artistry. The Factory's cool New York vibe, professionalism, and talent pool quickly began to draw in artists from all over the Northeast and beyond. And through all of this, Cash’s own creative output has thrived.


Cash also a co-owns Factory Underground Records, which is distributed via The SRG/ILS Group (Virgin/UMG).  Here Cash has been part of signing/developing artists artists such as Similar Kind, Dylan Lloyd and Farinas


In 2018 Cash signed a non-exclusive licensing deal with Atrium Music.  Since then he has placed many songs across tv and film as well as produced music for commercial clients including Walmart and University of Maine.  His Handsome Money Music Catalog is made up of various writing projects, Neon Sines (Pop Wave), Che-Val (pop), Rikardo (alternative), Lighta (hip hop) which can gain exposure through sync placements and licensing.

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