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Welcome to the news section on where you will find the latest news on producer-composer Kenny Cash, including his work on production, mixing, and mastering projects, film scores, custom music compositions, his pop group Che-Val, who you may have heard on Temptation Island and other recent television shows, his work at Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, CT (that he co-owns with producer Ethan Isaac), his work with bands like Goose, Similar Kind, Edisun, FNX, and many others, as well as on ILL OPERA, the cutting edge "cyberpunk" rock opera that he is working on. Needless to say - Kenny doesn't sleep very often.

Featuring original artwork by Rich Smith, animation and artwork by Guzman Gonzalez, and an original storyline with an original score composed by Kenny, iLL Opera is Kenny's latest project, starting to catch eyes at a number of film festivals throughout the US. Look and listen for songs from the work on Kenny's Handsome Money YouTube channel.

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